気ままに英文解釈2:The Plan to Save the World Goes into High Gear: Are You Ready -Trump We Are Coming for the Deep State-Part1

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The Plan to Save the World Goes into High Gear: Are You Ready -Trump We Are Coming for the Deep State

世界を救う計画は加速している:あなたは準備ができていますか – トランプはディープステートに迫っている

In this next video for those who have no idea who Q is is an amazing video from YoTube “channel the storm is upon us” which gives an overview of the plan to save the world.  Remember when these things happen it’s not just because of men there is a spiritual war going on



God allowed the pendulum to swing to such an extent that the NWO globalists almost won. The people of the western world were oblivious and because of the MSM propaganda were actually calling for their own demise . As Alex Jones put it so eloquently





 “We Are Coming”  Takedown Of “Deep State” Begins Military Trials begin.

What and who is Q anon . I believe Q-Anon is a military intelligence source used to inform the American Public through the alternative media and uses both information and disinformation to confuse the enemy and inform the public.



Qアノンとは軍情報部の関係者と思われます。 彼らは敵を混乱させるためにネットを介して米国民に真実の情報と偽の情報を混ぜ合わせて流しています。

Alex Jones and Jerome Corsi and Q Anon.

In the beginning Alex Jones and Corsi were both on the Q Anon side but what happened Q threw them over a cliff saying they were both Mossad agents and shills for Israel.  Many who follow Q took this as Gospel without thinking for themselves or in what they called 3d or even 4D Chess.

Why I do not believe this is because Corsi knows Trump for 40 years. Alex Jones admits he was recruited by US military over 10 years ago.  Trump was elected on the endorsement of Alex Jones whether you like it or not Alex Jones haters.





Rodger Stone another Trump friend of 40 years who also joined info wars with Corsi to  get Trump elected and to inform the people and get Q Anon out there(Corsi is on record saying he believed without a doubt Q Anon is military intelligence.) Alex is without a doubt the Number one guy who has woken up lets be honest half  the world to whats going on (if he is a shill he is not a very good one)

Now why is this relevant and why did Alex and Corsi and also by extension Rodger Stone and the whole infowars network get thrown under a bus by Q who is run by the US military and Trump himself.


When Q threw infowars under the bus it was to protect them , This was around the time when John McCain was executed.  If you had Jones Corsi info-wars and Stone saying McCain was executed this would have undermined the Q plan and gone mainstream. Infowars would have been destroyed by the MSM and this may have been taken more seriously than a Q conspiracy.

Alex Jones is part of the bigger plan








“90% of modern warfare is information” ALEX JONES.

Alex Jones was banned from not just utube but basically the most important internet search engines and social Media.  He is doing his job he is taking hits for the team. This banning along afterwards of thousands of conservative and liberarian accounts is just the ammunition Trump needs to destroy them. Job Done Alex and Co.

The resulting legislation has begun

Louie Gohmert

Gohmert Introduces Bill That Removes Liability Protections for Social MediaCompanies That Use Algorithms to Hide, Promote, or Filter User Content December 20, 2018 Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-01) released the following statement regarding the introduction his bill, H.R.7363, that amends section 230 of the Communicatio…





Will Congress regulate social media?


Jeff Sessions who was attacked by Trump on twitter regularly was behind the scene rounding up pedophiles and allowing the Mueller investigation to go ahead unimpeded which has been the most incompetent investigation of all time or  the best counter intelligence operation of all time.


The investigation Allowed the enemy to implode Trump and Q knowing they are criminals who will use illegal means aka give them enough rope and they will hang themselves. Which is what happened and almost entirely sank the Deep state ship .


This is a DEATH MATCH  one side will win or be exterminated.  The people in the west  so brainwashed by propaganda that all warfare against the deep state needs to be done in such a way to make them realize what is going on it cant be overt though. How then ?  through a collective conscience using subliminal messages in the media and constant overt repetition of certain terms and ideas.




The war is not just against wicked minions like Hillary Obama or  career criminals but the bureaucrats in-bedded inside the government who have now 70% been neutered but still have operatives who need to be taken out and are very dangerous. It is against globalist bankers in the city of London Using military intelligence in other countries politicians cartels these  people who run the worlds financial system are sex trafficking and  control all the worlds monetary systems. You cannot destroy them all in a day or even in a year.




The war is on many many levels. So those of you who say Q threw Alex Jones under the bus must have missed the other thing he said at the same time

Q”THINK FOR YOURSELVES”  Q uses disinfo sometimes to confuse the enemy.




AS OF JANUARY 03 2019 The military tribunals began and will probably last FOR YEARS as more and more people are rounded up over time.

Trump – GITMO – Military Tribunal – Trafficking – EO

Trump’s Executive Order for Military Tribunals …

Trump’s Executive Order for Military Tribunals. What does Trump’s new Executive Order published on March 1, 2018 mean? It gives new powers to the Department of Defense by allowing civilian courts and lawyers to be used to augment military staff during military tribunals.


 Below  is a picture of a prison barge heading to Gitmo with over 70,000 seal indictments now being reported that’s a lot of prisoners to transport and hold what better way than this.





2 Massive U.S. Prison Barges Enroute To Gitmo, Cuba


On the back of these Trials a Group coincidentally(remember q there are no coincidences) have threatened to release documents relating the 9-11 which will destroy the deep state.

The Dark Overlord, an international hacker group, have announced that they have stolen a trove of undisclosed information regarding the 9/11 attacks .

The group, infamously known for leaking, in 2017, episodes of the hit Netflix series Orange is the New Black, say that they have hacked an unnamed US-based law firm. When looking through the stolen cache of data, they found “hundreds of gigabytes of litigation-related documents”, including a total of 18,000 e-mails, non-disclosure agreements, expert witness testimonies, and communications with government officials.

The cyber thieves teased that the release of this data would outshine “both in volume and impact” Edward Snowden’s leak of documents on extensive internet and phone surveillance in the US. “We’ll guarantee to all our astute readers that the subsequent release of these materials will generate millions of news articles and result in the biggest and most significant data breach ever to have occurred.”


Blackwater Founder Erik Prince

reportedly served as an unofficial Trump campaign adviser is now being used to round up the traitors in the US government in 2019.




サイバー泥棒たちは、このデータの発表が「量的にも影響力的にも」エドワードスノーデンの米国内での広範囲なインターネットと電話による監視に関する文書の漏洩を凌駕するであろうことをいいはじめた。 「これらの資料のその後のリリースによって数百万ものニュース記事が生成され、これまでで最大かつ最も重大なデータ侵害が発生することを、私たちはすべての鋭い読者に保証します。」



SOURCES IN THE US MILTARY have begun leaking information only to alternative media sources that the Gitmo Trials have already begun and they are happening behind the scenes as the sound and fury  continues unabated on the MSM behind the scenes Trump and Q are taking down the enemy while using people who are flipped(Nanacy Pelosi) and Chuck Schumer come to mind both of whom career  criminals ,Traitors and possible pedophiles.

Now that the old guard is being replaced and the trials we were told all along would be mostly in secret are happening who is the next target because Trump momentum is building .  China? no China has caved and agreed to talk to Trump China controls Hollywood which means they have been neutered to an extent

who is actually going to “crash-and-burn” in 2019





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