【米国内情勢】GCRを経由した復元された共和国 by Judy Note:2021年1月19日現在

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Steve Pieczenik Explains the events that will unfold by Jan. 20.

Is the storm coming soon?

【米国内情勢】GCRを経由した復元された共和国 by Judy Note:2021年1月19日現在


Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Jan. 19, 2021

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Tues. 19 Jan. 2021 Compiled Tues. 19 Jan. 2020 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author, "Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities."

Judy Note: 

Over last weekend the Military raided CIA Headquarters in Langley Va. A military general who was part of the team said they came away with a ton of evidence. Well known politicians were guilty of embezzlement, identity fraud, pedo*philia, assassination plots and mur*ders.
先週末に軍がCIA本部を急襲した バージニア州ラングレーの チームの一員であった軍の将軍は、彼らが大量の証拠を持ち出したと言いました。よく知られた政治家は、横領、ID詐欺、ペドフィリア、暗殺計画、殺人で有罪になりました。

Thousands of Chinese troops were sitting on both the Mexican and Canadian border, plus their ships were in international waters on both the East and West coasts. It was said that if B*iden were inaugurated President they would invade and take over the country. 


Also over last weekend an intercepted message from the Chinese Communist Party showed a plan to assassinate the Pentagon Generals. As a result and coupled with the evidence from the CIA raid, the Pentagon has withdrawn their support of the CIA and FBI and President Trump has declared Martial Law. 



On Mon. 18 Jan. the US Capitol was put on lockdown and DNI Ratcliffe dropped bombshell report alleging China interfered in 2020 Election,

Tues. 19 Jan. was National Popcorn Day and would likely be declared Value Day. On that Tues. 19 Jan. Liquidity was expected to be released with us in the Internet Group Tier 4B receiving links to set appointments for our exchanges/ redemption.
1月19日(火)は全国ポップコーンデーであり、バリューデーと宣言される可能性が高い。その火曜日に19 Jan. 19流動性は、インターネットグループTier 4Bの私たちと私たちの取引所/償還のためのアポイントメントを設定するためのリンクを受信してリリースされることが期待されていました。

Also on that Tues, POTUS would reveal what he would do about the govt. transition to the restored Republic and the Presidential Inauguration the next day on Wed. 20 Jan.

On Wed. 20 Jan. Inauguration Day the Emergency Broadcast System would be activated The FCC were telling TV stations that their programming would be preempted from 8am EST for up to 72 hours. If they didn’t comply, they would be off the air. On that first broadcast President Trump would likely say, “The Storm is Upon Us.”
1月20日(水)就任式の日には、緊急放送システムが起動されます。 FCCはテレビ局に、彼らの番組が米国東部標準時の午前8時から72時間まで先取りされることを伝えていました。これに従わなければ、放送停止となる。最初の放送でトランプ大統領は “The Storm is Upon Us(嵐が来た)” と言うでしょう 

The Internet was set to go offline, with Martial Law instigated not only in the US, but across the globe as the world transitioned to NESARA/ GESARA and a Global Currency Reset.
インターネットはオフラインに設定され、世界がNESARA/ GESARAと世界通貨のリセットに移行したことで、アメリカだけでなく世界中で戒厳令が扇動されました。

Ten Days of Darkness would begin as eight hour videos would be broadcast three times a day for ten days straight. The videos contained Military Tribunals filled with confessions of high profile elite individuals exposed for their Crimes Against Humanity.
“10日間の闇の10日間” は8時間のビデオが 10日間連続で1日3回放送されました ビデオには軍事法廷が含まれていました 人類に対する罪で暴露されたエリートの自白で満たされていました 

Mass Arrests of over 500,000 individuals would happen worldwide.

For security reasons no one would be allowed to leave their residence, so it was advised to have enough food, water, batteries and necessities for the duration of Ten Days of Darkness. 


A. On Mon. 18 Jan. the U.S. Capitol was put on lockdown and those inside were told to stay away from external windows and doors, though were permitted to continue to move around inside the buildings. The West Front of the Capitol was evacuated. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/live-updates-biden-inauguration-1-18-2021
A. 1月18日(月)、米国議会議事堂は閉鎖され、内部の人々は、建物内を移動し続けることが許可されたが、外部の窓やドアには近づかないようにと指示された。議事堂の西正面は避難させられた。

B. On Mon. 18 Jan. Chief Lamont Ruffin from D.C. District Court swore in 2000 National Guard troops as Special Deputy U.S. Marshals.
B. 1月18日(月)、D.C.地方裁判所のラモント・ラフィン長官は、2000人の州兵を特別副保安官として宣誓した。

C. On Mon. 18 Jan. DNI Ratcliffe dropped bombshell report alleging China interfered in 2020 Election: https://trendingpolitics.com/breaking-dni-ratcliffe-drops-bombshell-report-alleges-china-interfered-in-the-2020-election/
C. 1月18日(月)に DNI Ratcliffeは、中国が2020年の選挙に干渉したと主張する爆弾報告書を落とした。

D. Mon. 18 Jan. Lin Wood Speaks: https://youtu.be/6cgHljlkIjA Every lie will be revealed. Watch it happen soon.
D. 1月18日(月) リン・ウッドが語る https://youtu.be/6cgHljlkIjA すべての嘘が暴かれます。すぐにそれが起こるのを見てください。

E. Mon. 18 Jan. US Capitol Put on Lockdown: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/live-updates-biden-inauguration-1-18-2021 The U.S. Capitol was put on lockdown on Monday morning due to an “external security threat” as the West Front of the Capitol, where the inauguration is slated to happen Wednesday, was evacuated. Those inside the Capitol were told to stay away from external windows and doors but were permitted to continue to move around inside the buildings.
E. 月18日(月) 米連邦議会議事堂が封鎖された: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/live-updates-biden-inauguration-1-18-2021 米連邦議会議事堂は月曜日の朝、水曜日に就任式が行われる予定の国会議事堂の西正面が避難されたため、「外部からの安全保障上の脅威」のために封鎖された。議会議事堂内の人々は、外部の窓やドアに近づかないように言われたが、建物内を移動し続けることが許可された。

F. Mon. 18 Jan. Juan O’Savin (JFK Jr.), Al and the Biden Inauguration: https://www.bitchute.com/video/2sNSzoQkbwPt/
F. 1月18日(月)フアン-オサヴィン(JFK Jr.)

Two days – in testing mode – something will be available as other sites go down Fri. night. Because there has to be an ability to communicate.
二日間 – テストモードで – 他のサイトがダウンして金曜日の夜に何かが利用可能になります。通信する能力がなければならないので。

Both sides were using AIs (Artificial Intelligence) to decide the path to go, and decisions were made at light speed.

TV stations being told by the FCC their programming will be pre-empted on Wednesday morning—Jan. 20th. https://stateofthenation.co/?p=48409 

G. Mon. 18 Jan. Charlie Ward, Steele: https://phibetaiota.net/2021/01/unrig-video-1940-charlie-ward-update-all-in-hand-potus-owns-tv-stations-from-0800-january-2021/?utm_content=12175185&utm_medium=Email&utm_name=Id&utm_source=Actionetics&utm_term=Email 

Trump has verified that if there was foreign interference in the election, he would win by default. There has been interference by several nations. 


Wed. 19 Jan. was Trump’s last day in office for the US Inc.

Wed. 19 Jan. was Popcorn Day.

At least one TV station has been told by the FCC that they would be pre-empted by special broadcasts Wed. morning 8:30 am EST. If they didn’t comply, they would be taken off the air.
少なくとも1つのテレビ局は、FCCから特別放送の水曜朝8:30 ESTで先取りされると言われている。遵守しなかった場合は、放送から外されることになるという。

Trump has signed the Insurrection Act. 

US Inc. has been dissolved. 

The fence around the White House and the Capitol keeps people in. 

Trump would not want to start the new NESARA government in DC. 

Antifa people were going into DC as homeless people, and the Trump team was very aware of that.





H. Mon. 18 Jan. Doug Billings, Charlie Ward: Doug Billings & Charlie Ward Panic In DC https://drcharlieward.com/doug-billings/ 

Charlie 100% believes that Donald Trump would remain as President for the next four years. 

FBI was vetting every single person in DC – there were 40,000 troops there. 

Tues. was Popcorn 

Over the weekend the governments of Germany, Holland, Italy, Quate, Russia and Estonia were shut down. 

The European Union – the Nazi state of Europe – has never been audited because it was so corrupt. 

The Pentagon has withdrawn their support of the CIA and FBI as a result of evidence found in a raid on CIA Headquarters.

FBIはDCで一人一人を調べていた – そこには4万人の軍隊がいた。 

火曜日はポップコーン 週末にドイツ、オランダ、イタリア、クウェート、ロシア、エストニアの政府が閉鎖された。 



Over the weekend the CIA Headquarters in Langley Va. was raided by the Marines. A military general who was part of the team said they came away with a ton of evidence. Well known politicians were guilty of embezzlement, identity fraud, pedo*philia, assassination plots and mur*ders.
週末にバージニア州ラングレーのCIA本部が 海兵隊に襲撃されました チームの一員であった軍の将軍は、彼らがトンの証拠を持って帰ってきたと言いました。よく知られた政治家は、横領、身分詐称、ペドフィリア、暗殺計画、殺人で有罪になりました。

A military general part of the team that went into the raid stated: 

They found and recovered 35 trillion in embezzled funds and 100 trillion in embezzled funds by the B*ushes and the C*lintons. 

Trump has reopened the JFK assassination files. George HW Bush was behind it. Photographs were falsified. 

As a result of the raid on the CIA President Trump has declared Martial Law. 

Alex Jones of InfoWars was a traitor and national security threat connected to the Mossad.





H*illary C*linton ordered the murders of Ron Brown, William Colby, Vince Foster, John F Kennedy Jr. and many others. 

Ted Cruz’s father was implicated with Lee Harvey Oswald. 

Adam Shift, Roman Emanuel and B*arack O*bama were connected with the Mossad. 

Adam Shift and Roman Emanuel were pedophiles. 

Obama was born in Kenya and has committed Identity Fraud. 

The Chinese Communist Party (CPC), not the Chinese people, was at war with America. 

Chairman Chi was setting up a new republican party in China. 

The CPC bribed politicians with money to do their bidding.








The B*iden family was embedded in the CPC and Ukraine bribes. Joe B*iden ki*lled his first wife to move up in the Masons, then sac*rificed Hunter’s wife and chi*ld to move up some more.
B*iden一家は CPCとウクライナの賄賂に 巻き込まれていた。 ジョー・バイデンは最初の妻を殺害して メイソンズの中で出世した後 ハンターの妻と子供を犠牲にして さらに出世しました 

Trump has the Intel on every journalist who. He may make a statement about it this week. Those media outlets which refuse to put it out would have their licenses revoked.

We were about to go to a gold/asset-backed block chained dollar system. The USD would change to the USN. It would be done at a 1:1. If your money was contaminated with drugs, pedophilia, etc, you would lose it.
金/資産を担保にしたブロックチェーンドル体制になろうとしていました。米ドルはUSNに変わるでしょう それは1:1で行われるでしょう。金が麻薬やペドフィリアなどで汚染されていたら、金を失うことになる。

I. Calendar of the Restored Republic:
I. 復元された共和国のカレンダー。

In 1871 the US Republic became the US Inc, belonging to the City of London (and the reason for fringe on an American Flag). 

Trump’s term as the President of the US Inc was final on Jan. 20. 

If Joe B*iden was arrested before Jan. 20 he cannot be inaugurated as the US Inc. President. 

If no one was president of US Inc. on Jan. 20, the corporation would be dissolved. 

The Military would be guardian of the United States during a transition to a Restored Republic under the original Constitution.
1871年、アメリカ共和国はロンドン市に属するUS Incとなりました(アメリカ国旗のフリンジの理由も)。 

トランプ氏のUS Inc大統領としての任期は1月20日で終了した。 

1月20日以前にジョー・B*idenが逮捕された場合、彼はUS Inc.の大統領に就任できない。大統領に就任することはできない。 

1月20日に誰もUS Inc.の社長になっていなければ、会社は解散してしまう。 


The 2020 Election was stolen from Trump by foreign entities, making it invalid under the Constitution. 

The end goal of the Alliance’s Plan has always been to take down the Cabal. 

The next month and a half would be chaotic. Mass Arrests would occur. 

Have food and basic supplies on hand in case the supply chain is shut off. 

The National Guard was working for The People and functioned under the US Republic, so for everyone’s safety comply with their demands.









Rumble — WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE COMING DAYS! The inauguration that will never be! Insurrection act, Executive Order 13848 In full effect. God Wins!





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