Mail from “The White House” • March 1, 2019

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件名: Rep. Adam Kinzinger’s Report from the Border: More Drugs, More Human Trafficking
日付: 2019年3月1日 2:23:53 JST
宛先:Hiromi Sasaki <COWBUN伸学>
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Rep. Adam Kinzinger’s Report from the Border: More Drugs, More Human Trafficking

“Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., has been deployed to the southern border as a member of the Air National Guard four times now, and says he’s never seen more drug smuggling and human trafficking than he did on his most recent deployment this month,” Anna Giaritelli writes.
“Before going on my recent border mission with the Air National Guard, I was neutral on the need for a declaration of national emergency,” Rep. Kinzinger wrote on Facebook yesterday. “After witnessing the dangerous drug cartels and heinous human trafficking cases, I am more convinced than ever that this is the right thing to do for the safety and security of our country.”
In Bloomberg, Katia Dmitrieva reports that U.S. economic growth beat expectations as business investment picked up and GDP rose to 2.6 percent last quarter. “The report shows how Republican-backed tax cuts may have continued to aid growth and help bring the full-year figure to 3.1 percent, just above President Donald Trump’s 3 percent goal.”
In Fox News, James Jay Carafano writes that President Trump sent a message that matters by ending the North Korea summit. “The ongoing pressure campaign is what actually protects us and our allies from the threat of North Korea’s nuclear weapons. To relax the pressure before Kim gives up his nukes would put Americans at risk. Thankfully, the president stuck to his negotiating objectives . . . Trump is not Obama. He won’t cut a deal just so he can say he cut a deal.”
“The White House on Wednesday praised airlines in Vietnam for signing agreements to purchase more than $20 billion in U.S.-built planes and technology. President Trump and Vietnamese President Nguyen Phu Trong attended a signing ceremony that involved trade deals between a number of airline companies based in the two countries,” Zachary Halaschak reports in the Washington Examiner. These agreements reflect the deep economic partnership between the United States and Vietnam today.
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